If you are an LGBTQIA Youth, or if you're not looking to define yourself quite yet, here are some resources that can both entertain and educate.

For (L)esbain, (G)ay, (B)isexual, (T)ransgender, (Q)ueer or (Q)uestioning, (I)ntersex and (A)sexual Youth

1. Generally Great Resources for LGBTQIA youth

2.    For LGBTQIA Youth of Color   

3. For Trans and Gender Non-Conforming LGBTQIA Youth

4. For Religious/Spritual LGBTQIA Youth

5. For LGBTQIA Youth with Disabilities

6. For LGBTQIA Youth Facing Homlessness

7. Health and Wellness for LGBT Youth

PLEASE NOTE: These are resource lists made up through the submissions of trusted friends. If you see a resource you think should be included, please let me know by filling in the Feedback box on the Contact Me page


Maggie Keenan-Bolger